Appropriate Furniture Size

Houses come in all different spaces and sizes. No matter the size you need furniture that works appropriate in that space. You don't want something to big that will take up your whole space, but you also don't want something too small.

All houses vary in size and it is amazing the difference a couple hundred feet can make. Some people prefer tons of space while others like the low maintenance smaller homes offer.  My mom recently downsized from her large home into a small condo for maintenance reasons alone. 

My husband and I’s first two homes were tiny.  To give you a picture of just how small they were we were not able to fit two decent size couches in our family room area which meant seating was limited.  We have since moved into a larger home and are amazed by what an extra couple hundred extra square feet can mean.

After moving from a home with small spaces and cramped rooms into a larger one we understood what overcrowding a room meant.  We knew this time around we didn’t want to make that mistake.  Overcrowding cannot only take away from extraordinary furniture pieces in your room, but it can also make a room feel much smaller than it may actually be. 

With these thoughts in mind we wanted new furniture that added to our space and didn’t take up tons of room.  After comparing brands and St Louis leather furniture stores we found our answer and saving grace, Flexsteel leather furniture brand. 

Flexsteel leather furniture, located near St Louis, is one of popular brands on the market today. They offer everything from: sofas, recliners, sectionals, ottomans, loveseats and chairs.  The best part is that each of these pieces comes in a huge variety of colors to fit any color scheme you are going for. St Louis Flexsteel leather furniture is a one of a kind brand with an out of this world reputation.