Fjords - Furniture Brand

If you are looking a brand that is modern that specializes in leather furniture, look no farther than Fjords. A brand with a number of collections to fit any style you want.

 The furniture you choose to fill your living space can make or break it.  Furniture can make a room feel contemporary, elegant, classy, antique, modern or even fresh.  St Louis Fjord leather furniture is the brand that brings class and elegance to your space.

St Louis Fjords furniture specializes in leather furniture. They make everything from: sofas, chairs, ottomans, office chairs, loveseats, and zero gravity chairs.  The furniture is multi-dimensional making it a great fit for any room in your home.  It will bring your room together to make it feel like it’s yours. 

St Louis Fjords leather furniture has a number of different collections available to all their customers. This includes, but not limited to: Classic, Admiral, Avensis and Boss and a number of other collections. Since Fjords has so many different collections you are bound to find a collection that fits your style and tastes.  They want to appease to everyone’s different taste and styles to make sure there is a piece for everyone who walks into the store.

All St Louis Fjords pieces are inspired by contemporary and Norwegian design.  There pieces incorporate wood and leather to make pieces that are one-of-a-kind.  You will not find any other leather furniture brand that can incorporate wood and leather the way Fjords has been able to accomplish. 

The Fjord furniture brand is the largest distributor of furniture in Norway. While this is a huge feat, they are also one of the most sought after and popular brands worldwide.  This type of reputations has lead this furniture brand to much success in their tenure.  Having a local St Louis furniture store sell this type of class is a huge benefit to the St Louis area.