Contemporary Design

If you are looking for the best manufacturer in leather furniture than St Louis is your one stop shop. This particular stores offers the largest variety of highly sought after brands.

If you are looking for a master in leather furniture then a particular leather furniture store in St Louis will be able to offer you just that.  Offering some of the most sought after brands in the world makes them a professional in the leather furniture industry.  They are also known to be the largest furniture distributor in Norway.

One of these highly sought after brands has a contemporary style while also offering a Norwegian look and comfort.  This St Louis leather furniture brand, Fjords, can offer a unique style and taste to your space. They are known for pairing wood with leather to make pieces like none you’ve seen before.

Fjords offers there unique style in a number of different ways from: chairs, recliners, ottomans, sofas, office chairs, loveseats, relaxers and zero gravity chairs.  Over ten of the collections of the Fjords brand are offered at a local St Louis leather furniture store.  Some of these brands include, but are not limited too: Admiral, Classic, Avensis, Alfa 520, Boss, Alnes, Ona, Grip, Adventure, and Kippe.

Any Fjords piece you purchase is bound to add style and taste to your space.  While each of their pieces are unique and stylish they are still as comfortable as any other leather furniture.  With this unique leather furniture brand it will dress up any space and will add class. 

Only quality, sturdy leather furniture is sold at this local St Louis Leather furniture store and Fjords offers all that to its customers and more!  Fjords is a top rated leather furniture brand for a reason and they will live up to every expectation you have about leather furniture.