Don't's When Decorating

There are a few minor guidelines to follow when decorating your home to make sure everything flows together accordingly. Following these guidelines can help ensure your home is styled beautifully.

When remodeling or redecorating your home there are some general guidelines most people follow to make sure they are creating a well done space.  You don’t want to spend a great deal of money on new Flexsteel leather furniture for it to look horrible in your space because of other decorating accessories you added.

There are three major things to avoid doing to your newly remodel space. One is to place too small of a rug in your newly redone space. By adding too small of a rug could throw off all the proportions of your room.  This would make your space seem proportionally wrong. Don’t spend a ton of money on new Flexsteel leather furniture to it only look off with the small rug you just bought.

When redoing your space you do not want to go on accessory overload.  By adding too many accessories could cause too much going on in your space.  You definitely don’t want to add too much.  There is an old saying, a little goes a long way and that is definitely true in the case of accessorizing your space.  Do one or two accessory items and let your new Flexsteel leather furniture do the talking for your space.

The last guideline most people seem to follow is making sure your Flexsteel leather furniture flows and going with the general style of your space.  Buying neutral colored leather Flexsteel furniture can help ensure any style you choose will flow fine.  Redecorating your home can be a stressful time, but following these three simple guidelines can save you time, money, and many possible headaches.  Don’t make a mistake the first time around, follow your instinct and the space will become one you love!