Furniture Placement

Having grown up with a mother who kept her house spotless it has caused me to get stressed easily when things are everywhere. Due to this issue we have purchased furniture with storage built in to make life easier.

Having grown up a house that was always spotless has caused me to be a tad OCD the older I get.  My mother passed this wonderful trait down to me.  My mom also loved playing hostess.  She always stood behind the kitchen counter and would be constantly cleaning the countertop and serving people whatever they wanted.  Her furniture always looked brand new and every time we came over to her house it was arranged in a different way.


My husband on the other hand and his family are the opposite of OCD.  They make messes often and are not known for picking up after themselves.  This has caused me much stress in my life.  Since his family is over a lot my husband and I have become professional fast cleaners.  This means we stuff junk any and everywhere so that it is out of my mom's plain site when my mother is over.

A key aspect to our fast cleaning is furniture placement and storage.  With our new leather furniture we purchased, from a store in St Louis, has aided in the fast cleaning process.  When my new St Louis leather furniture is placed in the perfect spot in my room it gives the illusion of a smaller room which allows us to place boxes of stuff behind them. 

The leather furniture, purchased at a store in St Louis, gave us the storage we were looking for inside of it while still looking good.  Most furniture that has storage in it looks too bulky or is just overwhelming, but this leather furniture is in no way an eye sore and if anything has definitely added to our spaces.  Having furniture that has some type of storage has become such a huge plus in my household.