Leather Made Easy

Having owned upholstery furniture in the past my husband and I knew this was something we wanted to avoid for the furniture. Leather furniture, made in St Louis, doesn't show the dust, grime and stains like upholstery does.

My husband and I owned light colored, cheap upholstery furniture for a couple years when we were living in an apartment.  We purchased the furniture from a military couple we knew who no longer had a need for the couches in their home.  About a year into owning them we realized just how low quality the furniture actually was.  The upholstery material showed everything from dirt, grim, every type of stain imaginable, drool and even sometimes sweat if the person sitting on it was sweating bad enough.

After owning this furniture my husband and I made a vow to each other to never purchase upholstery furniture again.  Or at least low quality, used upholstery furniture.  After owning this furniture we knew that leather furniture fit more with our lifestyle.  We loved to have people over and unfortunately our guests weren’t known for being the cleanest of people.  We knew going to a leather furniture store near St Louis was the answer to our furniture problems for a couple reasons.

For one, it offered an easy clean. With a wipe of a disinfectant rag or towel your couch would be clean again. No need to worry about spills leaving big stains or dirty, sweating people leaving marks. Another reason why leather furniture was the answer was because it was durable.  We wouldn’t have to worry about needing to replace it after too many uses.  Most leather furniture now a days only continues to look better with time. 

Leather furniture stores in St Louis offered a wide selection and variety of options.  You were bound to find anything your heart may desire. The leather furniture store near St Louis that we went to find our furniture had everything you could want.