Light Weight Furniture

Having light furniture to move when deep cleaning your home really makes this easier. Heavy furniture makes things difficult to move when trying to clean underneath.

A couple times a year my husband and I do some deep cleaning of our home.  In other words, we clean all the things we normally do, but just take it a little farther.  For example two of the things we do during our deep cleaning day are: shampoo all the carpet and lift or move all the furniture to get underneath them.  This past weekend was when we decided it was time for deep cleaning of our home again.

In the past my husband always dreaded when I would set a date for this type of weekend.  But since it had been a couple months since our last deep cleaning we both knew it was time. After cleaning we realized something that we were incredibly thankful for.  In the past every time we had done this our furniture was a huge pain to lift and move so we could vacuum underneath.  A while back we bought some new furniture from a leather furniture store in St Louis. 

We had not realized it until this past weekend, but it is so light and movable.  It made the deep cleaning process much easier.  My husband was able to lift the sofa with one hand while I was able to vacuum underneath it.  No other furniture we have other purchased was that easy to move.  This local leather furniture store, in St Louis, had a variety of furniture options.  Each of them offered the durability, functionality, usability, and luxurious look. 

This leather furniture store, located near St Louis, went above and beyond all our expectations.  It has made our life a little easier in all aspects of our life, but especially when we clean.