Making a House a Home

There are certain attributes that make a house a home. It can be the paint color, layout, or furniture that can really turn your home into a place you are comfortable with.

My husband and I have owned two homes in the 5 years we have been married.  The first house we owned did not really feel like our home during our extent of us living there.  There are certain qualities in a home that make it feel homey in my inexperienced opinion.  Everything from the layout of the home to the paint colors on the wall to the furniture you have in your rooms.  Each of these things have an effect on the homey-ness of the home. 

In our first home I think it was the layout of the home and the furniture we had filled it with.  After living in our first home I discovered I preferred a more open floor plan with a rustic and sleek style about it.   We found that with two children we needed more space for them.  We needed a room to house all there toys, a backyard with a fence so that we didn't have to worry about them running into the street.  We needed more of a family home than a home more suited for two adults.

The second home we purchased had all of that and more.  After viewing it the first time we knew we were home.  We were able to imagine our kids running around the backyard and all of us eating dinner around the kitchen table.  After purchasing this home we did make some chances to make it more for us.  One of our first major purchases for this new home was we bought new reclining leather furniture in St Louis.  The St Louis leather furniture store offered everything we were looking for. 

After bringing the furniture into our new home it made it really feel like our home.  That St Louis leather furniture store made the process so easy that there was no second guessing if it was right after our purchase.