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Riga Reclining Sectional

Riga Reclining Sectional
Riga Reclining Sectional
Riga Reclining Sectional
Riga Reclining Sectional
Riga Reclining Sectional
Riga Reclining Sectional
Riga Reclining Sectional

MaxDivani Riga Reclining Sectional

This sectional can be special ordered in your leather color and style.


Founded in Altamura in the 1950s as a small-size artisan workshop by Rocco Ferri, MAXDIVANI is one of the few
companies of the Murgia district in the area of Bari that is presently run by its third generation of entrepreneurs.
In this way, craftsmanship and modern technology have been perfectly blended, thus guaranteeing a production
based on prestigious top quality lines boasting design, cost-effectiveness as well as comfort.
Our Sofas
Our company aims at offering the best price/quality ratio. To this end all products are manufactured exclusively
in our plants in order to control each processing phase: tanning of raw leather, frame and upholstery, coverings,
cutting and sewing, assembly, packaging and forwarding. Computerized production enables MAXDIVANI to handle
orders through a "just in time" system and consequently to monitor each phase of the processing cycle, to check the
quality and to guarantee prompt delivery.
Quality and Environment
Boasting a modern and efficient organizational struture, our company’s success relies to a great extent on human
resources as well as on the winning idea of "community- enterprise" where the human factor is as important as the industrial factor.

What We Love About MaxDivani Furniture

We believe that MaxDivani has met the standard of our clients’ needs by combining the best of

Italian craftsmanship and quality with the best architectural contemporary reclining designs.

This collection of exclusive Italian leather furniture is hands down a far comparison from the rest - we feel like MaxDivani is the best!

Quality Made in Italy

The MaxDivani craft sofas are completely made in Italy.

MaxDivani's sofas are made up of decades of experience, a design between tradition and innovation and a dense weave of precision and design.

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