Natuzzi Editions

Natuzzi Editions

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    C007 Chair
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    C007 Recliner
  • C007 Reclining Sectional
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    C007 Reclining Sofa
  • C007 Stationary Sectional
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    C007 Stationary Sofa
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    C012 Chair
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    C012 Recliner
  • C012 Reclining Sectional
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    C012 Reclining Sofa
  • C012 Stationary Sectional
  • C068 Astuzia Reclining Sectional

    C068 Astuzia Reclining Sectional

    THE MOST INTELLIGENT SIDE OF COMFORTDiscover the most intelligent side of comfort.This sofa brings e..

  • C068 Astuzia Reclining Sofa

    C068 Astuzia Reclining Sofa

    THE MOST INTELLIGENT SIDE OF COMFORTDiscover the most intelligent side of comfort.This sofa brings e..

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    C070 Brama Recliner
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    C070 Brama Sectional
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    C070 Brama Sofa
  • C074 Trionfo Reclining Sofa

    C074 Trionfo Reclining Sofa

    CUBICOMFORT™ TRIPLE-MOTION TECHNOLOGYThe ultimate victory in made-to-measure comfort.A sofa with Cub..

  • C092 Destrezza Stationary Sofa

    C092 Destrezza Stationary Sofa

    SIMPLY BRILLIANTAn example of how genius can manifest itself in a simple, light design. UNMISTA..

  • C107 Curioso Reclining Sectional
  • C107 Curioso Reclining Sofa
  • C107 Curioso Stationary Sectional
  • C107 Curioso Stationary Sofa
  • C126 Reclining Sectional
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    C126 Reclining Sofa
  • C126 Stationary Sectional
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    Natuzzi Editions

    If the Italian look is something most appealing to you, then the Natuzzi brand leather furniture pieces are just for you. Each St Louis Natuzzi Furniture piece is one that has endured a rigorous and specific development process.It is something that begins with an idea, a sketch of a piece of furniture. It is then crafted into its greatest potential thanks to the collaborative work of 120 professional designers, architects, colour experts, craftsmen, engineers and furniture specialists. In fact, all of the leather used for their leather sofas, leather chairs, and other leather pieces is worked by the professional craftsmen at the Natuzzi Group tanneries.

    With precision and quality at the top of the priority list for Natuzzi you can rest comfortably knowing your leather sofa or chair has been tested at the Natuzzi Quality Laboratory. each piece is in compliance with national standards and ensured to exceed your expectations for class and comfort.

    At Peerless Furniture your satisfaction is our top priority. This is precisely the reason we aim to bring you the top furniture brands from around the world. St Louis Natuzzi Furniture is just one of these brands we deem fit for use in the St. Louis area. Our most satisfied customers reside here in Fairview Heights, IL; Belleville, IL, Collinsville, IL, Edwardsville, IL; Maryville, IL; Alton, IL and of course all other St. Louis area cities. However, by shopping our website, anyone in the world can get access to these wonderful pieces of leather furniture. Our showroom and buying options contains the best Natuzzi pieces they have available for purchase: leather sofas, leather chairs, sofa beds, and other accent pieces as well. Contact us for more information on all Natuzzi pieces today.

    Whether you are buidling a brand new home and looking for lasting pieces, or are looking to add elegance to your current family home, you will surpass your top expectations when you choose a Natuzzi leather furniture piece. Some of the options offered include leather sofas, sofa beds, leather chairs, motion and function sofas and much more. You will find each of the St Louis Natuzzi Furniture and Natuzzi Editions options here at Peerless Furniture in Fairview Heights, IL.

    For more information on our top Natuzzi sellers and the rest of the Natuzzi brand furniture pieces simply contact a Peerless Furniture team member. You can visit us in person or begin your shopping experience right here on our website.