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When it comes time to purchase a new leather furniture set, you will likely want a company that is seasoned in the business. Sold in St Louis Flexsteel Furniture is one of the oldest furniture providers in the world. They have been serving happy customers since 1893! According to their longevity they must be doing something right. In fact, they’re doing a lot right. Their company is cornerstoned on providing strong and durable pieces that are designed to be used. As a result, they have a company that is constantly able to appeal to customers, they’re products are trendy yet functional, but most of all their pieces are consistently durable and high quality.

Just because you are purchasing a piece of leather furniture, whether it is a sofa or a chair, doesn’t mean you have no intentions of using it and using it often. By choosing a St Louis Flexsteel Furniture piece you are ensuring the fact that you will be able to use the furniture day in and day out and not see the wear you would see with a competitor brand. This is one of the many reasons Flexsteel furniture is sold at Peerless Furniture.

St Louis Flexsteel furniture is a one-of-a-kind furniture distributor that has a commitment to excellence. Because of this commitment their company has been to withstand the ebbs and flows of our economy. While many other companies are compromising their products in order to remain in business, Flexsteel is a booming business simply because of their refusal to compromise their product line. Instead, they continue to innovate and grow their products.

Peerless Furniture is committed to bringing you the best options when it comes to furniture providers. We also believe that durability and usability should not be compromised for class and elegance. Flexsteel furniture fits perfectly into our vision of what we want to offer each of our customers.

You will find Flexsteel furniture at our home location in Fairview Heights, IL. However, our customers in the surrounding areas including, St. Louis, MO; Belleville, IL; Collinsville, IL; Edwardsville, IL; Maryville, IL; and Alton, IL can also easily shop our home location. Thanks to our web tools, however customers across the globe can conveniently shop our inventory. Leather sofas, loveseats and leather chairs are just a few of the Flexsteel pieces you can choose from when you shop at our Peerless Furniture Store.