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Affogato Leather Reclining Sofa Group

Affogato Leather Reclining Sofa Group

MaxDivani Affogato Reclining Sofa Group with power headrest 


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Compact and rigorous in style, AFFOGATO is a sofa designed for comfort:

it is in fact equipped with reclining mechanisms both in the headrests and
in the footrests, creating an irreplaceable relaxing oasis.

The details of the decorative stitching on the backrests and along the entire
length of the armrest express craftsmanship and sartorial care: the armrest
 is sewn in a blanket stitch also available in contrasting shades.

Sofa, apartment sofa, loveseat, & chair available. Sectional options available.
All seats available with or without recliners. Fabric & leather options. Made in Italy.

What We Love About MaxDivani Furniture

We believe that MaxDivani has met the standard of our clients’ needs by combining the best
Italian craftsmanship and quality with the best architectural contemporary reclining designs.

Quality Made in Italy

The MaxDivani craft sofas are completely made in Italy.

MaxDivani's sofas are made up of decades of experience, a design between tradition and innovation and a dense weave of precision and design.

This collection of exclusive Italian leather furniture is hands down a far comparison from the rest - we feel like Max Divani is the best!

Peerless Furniture & Leather Gallery
St Louis, MO 62208

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  • Model: MaxDivani Affogato Leather Reclining Sofa Group

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